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happiness365's Journal

365 Days of Happiness
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All Members , Moderated
Share projects, ideas, recipes, photos, and art with others to spread happiness!
happiness365 is a project to promote happiness and creativity in everyday life!

So many times, we rush through life without stopping to embrace it and enjoy it. The 365 Days of Happiness Project was created to allow people from all over the world to share their happiness with others. By posting projects, art, recipes, inspiring quotes, stories, memories, and more, members can get great ideas for embracing and enjoying life every day of the year! Everyone is welcome to join and post!

After joining, please make a simple introduction post. And since this is partially about creativity, you're invited to make your introduction in any way you choose. Tell us anything about yourself that you'd like us to know, just be sure to at least tell us about or show us pictures of things that make you happy!
After your introduction, feel free to start posting all of your projects and ideas, etc! Look below for ideas of what to post.

Things to Post
+ Ideas for fun activities to be done alone, with friends, on a date, etc
+ Ideas for creative or happiness-filled projects
+ Photos of your current projects
+ A happy story from your day or something that made you smile
+ Pictures from your day
+ Inspiring quotes, verses, stories, or pictures
+ A favorite recipe
+ Instructions for a cute or creative craft
+ Your artwork, stories, or poetry
+ Lists of dreams, goals, wishes, blessings, etc
+ Journaling or art prompts
+ Information on your favorite organization or charity
+ Questions or opinion polls
+ Ask for advice from fellow members
+ Ask for gift ideas, party planning ideas, etc
+ Art, graphics, poetry, jokes, or stories you enjoy
+ Book, music, or movie recommendations
+ Links to favorite websites
+ Anything else you can think of!

Community Activities
In addition to the posts made by members, the community will also host a number of activities each month that you can participate in either online or in real life that will promote happiness and creativity in life!

+ Traveling Journals
+ Gift Exchanges
+ Art Swaps
+ A Day in the Life Challenge
+ Monthly Craft

Details and more projects to be added soon

Things NOT Allowed
There are not many rules for the 365 Days of Happiness Project, however, the community promotes happiness and joy through living and therefore does not allow the following:

- Anything melancholy or depressing
- Pornography or anything of sexual content
- Excessive profanity
- Anything political - this is not the place for debates!
- No tabloid gossip
- Lack of tolerance or respect for other members

Though depressing posts are not allowed, if you are depressed or sad, this is a great place for you to be! You may explain your situation and ask for advice from the members at anytime, and your fellow community members will be more than happy to help you find ways to make life more happy.
Also note that while sexual content is not allowed, any artistic nudity is allowed.

Embrace Life- Join us today!